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Sometimes I miss being in college. I miss the note taking, working with metal (the smell of heated metal <3) and having the amazing instructor I had. We had fun in classes. Got told stories from our instructor being on the job (welder of 35 years). The horror stories. I remember one in particular, he said he worked in a mine that was so dark and deep that headlamps only reached as far as their hands. Some of his friends went insane because of how dark it was, swore they saw things, unimaginable things. He mentioned how they heard what they thought was a worker screaming in fear. The one guy down that specific direction came running out as they were running that way and asked if they had heard what he heard. White as a ghost. My instructor even admitted it terrified him and a few days after that a few of his guys quit.

This is just me rambling. I came across some old emails from my instructor during COVID when we had to do our final classes at home and email them to him and it just got me reminiscing. I know not everyone has good college stories or memories of college but I did and I miss it at times.

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