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I'm fine with people wanting to be scene and emo. Hell, look at my own profile. But what i politely ask of people is to stop using eyebleeding colours plastered on their profile. It's not quirky, cool, and just hurts our eyes. Expressing yourself is fine, but it shouldn't come at the cost of someone having a seizure or straining their eyes.

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but i like bright colors

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yours isnt so bad

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RIGHT like some ppl like eyestrain but most ppl do not and it stresses me out everytime i click on a profile and its that scene layout w the gir everywhere and the neon font its not fun

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I especially hate that one "scenecore layout 2" it's so overused it's actually driving me mad

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I know it's coming from me who ALSO uses that layout(edited) but i really wish i could blacklist certain profiles. its so jarring seeing everyone use it

by marszbarzz; ; Report

it’s popular for a good reason. it looks cool asf.

by BR00KEBR00T4L; ; Report