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sorry i forgot a blog yesterday but I SAW WATERPARKS OMG


literally the most fun ive ever had at a concert awsten is so funny

also geoff is the most energetic person ive ever seen onstage bro was spinning and jumping

and i loved ottos shirt that said "im not a serial killer"

the poster was super cool too and im glad it was only $15

at some point someone gave awsten a lesbian pride flag, an american flag, and someone showed awsten a rainbow flag that said biggie cheese with biggie cheese on it and he was so confused

another point he wore someones bride veil

oh yeah, and someone had a sign that said something like "find penis man" and someone had that said "pp man" and awsten was like "WAIT grab that person and crowd surf them up here"
and they got to go onstage and give him a hug. then awsten asked if they wanted to watch from the crowd or the side stage and everyone pointed to the side of the stage and basically told them to do that so they did.

awesome. amazing. incredible.

anywho, i had a very fun time

that's all for now folks, buh-bye!!!

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sounds fun!! my first concert was waterparks in 2019 it was definitely an experience for a first concert the crowd was way more hype than i thought they would be

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oh yeah that waterparks crowd was the most energetic (and stylish) crowd i've ever been in
i'm already planning on going again when they come back!!

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