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i know it can be fun to try and clown on people being fools in blog posts, but all it does when you pay attention to them is skyrocket their hate to the top of the blog list. this site is meant to be a fun recreation of old myspace -- it's not meant to be a drama cesspool. what's worse, it's likely that they make this hateful stuff solely for trolling. responding is what they want. block freely.  if it's something actively harmful, report it. no matter how tempting it is to make it public, if you REALLY have to clown on someone, keep it to bulletins. don't perpetuate this cycle of hate.

see trolling? keep strolling.

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agree ^_^ all of the top posts are just hate/bait posts bc ppl wont leave it alone :/

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yeah, it's upsetting. i'll admit that i've also contributed to that even like, recently, but it was a post where i could easily believe the person was just misinformed as opposed to someone with BOTDF and Jeffree Star in their interest list alongside calling all the people who don't like them the r-slur (the "scenecore mfs" post)
i didnt interact with that one, just blocked and reported, but i saw so many comments on there that it was just... baffling

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