Codes for raining stars/etc

If anyone has html codes for raining stars/hearts/clouds/ ANYTHING REMOTELY SIMILAR TO THAT please drop them in the comments below

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i have a blog from monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡ where they give the code 2 make images fall on ur profile!!! js keep in mind that if u wanna add a loading screen in the future u might not wanna use this bc it goes ontop of it and it looks weird (in my case)

also heads up it goes in like squiggly lines not js straight down souu if u dont want it 2 be jumbled and js want it 2 go straight down u might have 2 find a code where someones tweaked it :333 (u could also do it urself but i dunno how 2 do that) <--- the blog

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u have 2 replace the snowflake image thats already there tho (they explain it) but if u want the snowflakes js ignore the instructions and paste it in

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i just saw this! god bless thank you dearly

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