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whats everyones fav book?

need new recs <3

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vela joy

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eleanor & park by rainbow rowell :)

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vix 🍰

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different not less by chloe hayden !! :3

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That one kids fish book abt a fishes shiny scales

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I don’t read much but I really like dirk gently’s holistic detective agency by Douglas Adams. It’s a mix of philosophy and comedy and a lot like hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (mostly since they have the same author)

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John Dies in the End by David Wong
The Hos Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman

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s0me 0f my faves r "the thing ab0ut jellllyfish" by alllli benjamin, "tumblllle and blue" by cassie beasley, and "beetle and the h0ll0wb0nes" by alllliza lllayne!!!! m0stllly unrelllated but ive actuallllly met allliza before btw!! shes s0 nice and the b00k is s0 g00d!!!! theres g0ing t0 be a sequellll, but im n0t sure whether 0r n0t its 0ut yet hehehe :3

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In the blink of an eye by Walter Murch if you wanna be a great video editor you need to read this book

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i love those types of book!!! thank you!

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probably brother by Ania Ahlborn or smth smth

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ohh, seems interesting!!

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undertown!! its abt a lil boy whose trying to save his dad and you can read the rest on goggle or whatever:D

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copy this link to see the summery:D

by F.vk.e.d420; ; Report

thankuuu! will do <3

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✧⋆。toad。⋆✧'s profile picture

Interview with the Vampire!!!!!!! Very very good book, one of my faves!

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omggg read it already i loveeee

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by ✧⋆。toad。⋆✧; ; Report


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robert langdon series by dan brown if u thriller and a LOT of chaos u can read the books in any order

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added to my 'to read' !! thankyou <3

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hitchhikers guide to the galaxy if you want something fun to read

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thanku!!! added to my to read <3

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i got lotz of fav bookziezz!! my personal fav is "the big bad book of botany"! x3 its basically about cool plants and even has some mythology!

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will look into it!! + i absolutely loveee mythology <3

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I can recommend Dune (the first book is great!!!) if anybody has any similar suggestions plsss tell me :33

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Oh also "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side" based on my fave poem!!

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i will! <3

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almond by won-pyung sohn <3

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already read! its so good

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agreed! i also recommend "if i had your face" by frances cha, it's really good ^^

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I really liked the Doctor Dolittle series, and loved how big the books are. I find the stories really interesting ad it was book I picked up when I had nothing else to read. I don't know its age rating, but I know some parts are for more advanced readers. I think I phrased that weirdly. Anyways, have fun reading! (whether or not its Doctor Dolittle)

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little women, it stuck with me since the first time i read it when i was 8 :')

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Calicocat ♡

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JWQS- By Please don’t laugh, it’s a very intriguing book full of schemes & plots. It’s a very long book but it’s worth the read. It’s an arranged marriage trope , they meet when they’re young but nothing really happens till they’re of age. It’s baihe(girl on girl). It’s takes place in ancient china (The author has said that It’s not an accurate portrayal of life back then so don’t take everything too accurate it’s just for the sake of the book) It’s full of angst and longing, so be aware of that. It ends on a happy note tho.🖤🖤🖤

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adding this to my to read omll, how did i never hear of that

by ae; ; Report

Yeah & its easy to find online just search up jwqs carrd & it’ll have the book English translated along with trigger warnings. Also did I get forget to mention it’s a somewhat pretty long book (303 chapters +4 extras). Please don’t be intimidated. It’s such a good read it’s so worth it.

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名もなき少女のデジタル日記。's profile picture

plotwise it's obsessing over 'the scythe trilogy' by neal shusterman!! for lighter reads like romcom fics i used to love reading 'the catastrophic history of you and me' and 'the statistical probability of love at first sight' because i'm a sucker for that alksfmlskdgm

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ogmgmgmgmgm im tots putting that on my to read list whattt

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doawk - diary of a wimpy kid

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thats like my whole childhood omggg :-:

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yep 💯

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