idk what the heck is going on but this has been happening A LOT, why do the blinkies we make on blinkies cafe always change into COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ones on the profile???? how do i fix this????

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Dude this just happened to me !! It's absolutely wild and idk y they changed. My stamps and buttons are okay, it looks like the only ones that changed were the blinkers I made.

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omg i just was looking at my profile and saw that like 3 of mine had changed and i was so confused i thought i had gotten hacked good to know this is happening to other people i had one that was a cat and changed to say "rat bastard" and the other one was changed and said mommy milkers? it used to say "techno" and i did in fact make them both on blinkie cafe

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yea it’s super annoying :)))) but lately it hasn’t been happening! at least on my computer but it can look bad on phone- which is why i don’t bother using this site on mobile, just on me laptop-

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Dude same thing happened to me!!! First things first...I'm not a puppy boy, and I'm most definitely not Steve Harrington in real life!!!!

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I'm also not sucking my moms dick

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