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Why are frogs here on earth? Like they look so silly and they eat flies (i think) are they slimy? What do they feel like? If you threw a frog on the wall would it make a SPLAT sound? How do you tell where they’re looking? Why are there so many questions about frogs? Why was this the first blog im making? Why do we exist? Were the first humans on earth siblings? If so why did they make more humans? How was your day? Are you doing well? Is it possible to be happy all the time? How are people like ‘not weird’ how is that possible? Do we just assume everyone thinks were weird? Why is this so long? How did we get to here from frogs? Do you like frogs? I like frogs but i wont touch them because I dont like how they feel. But I like that they kill flies. Anyway if you read all this I hope this made you question things. Have a good day!! Buh-bye!

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