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Today my boyfriend broke up with me. All because he "didn't like the distance" ..??? He actually said that he still likes me but he doesn't like the distance. but I have no reason to believe him. Like there were so many red flags in him butttt I thought it was in my head. Like when he (TW!!) said he was gonna khs if I left him I was like "um ew" in my head but I pretended like that was what I wanted to hear. he's also homophobic, transphobic, and racist af. OH AND he had the nerve to say "don't go hurt yourself" after he broke up with me like.. 1, you aren't worth hurting myself over. and 2, I wonder if that's what he thinks of me. It's also none of his business. Anyway, i ate watermelon, cookies, and a piece of cake today. Yesterday i went to a lavender field and they had little stands with "knick-knacks" and i got crystals. 

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