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gefallene Nacht / 10th, june 2023

its the end of the day now pretty much.

still havent done shit since i last posted.

my days are boring.

i have a headache and i feel so tired but i dont want to go to sleep.

my mom is at a concert with an old high school friend and i dont want to go to sleep until shes at home and i know she is safe.

she told me that she is safe with him but i dont know him that well at all.

so how can i trust that he can keep her safe.

or that he wont be the one to do something to her.

if she trusts him cool.

but i dont trust him until hes earned my trust.

ive only met him a few times and he seems like a nice guy.

but it can always be the nice ones too.

so i just want her to be safe.

but anyway thats pretty much it for right now ill either post again or ill go to sleep and post again in the morning.

thanks for reading.

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