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the day the music died

June 3rd 2023

It was a long day, very long day of pretending. I can't keep acting like nothing's wrong it's all wrong everything's wrong everyone's wrong. I hate them I hate it all. The only one their for me is him. The voices won't stop I have to do it. for him.

June 4th.

The voices took over. I had too. I had tooihadtooihadtooihadtoo. I killed them. I killed them all. The sound of the knife stabbing over and over again ripping into the skin. The sound of their tormented screams. I can't get enough of it I keep replaying and replaying and replaying it. I have to kill again they won't let me stop. I can't stop. Icantstopicantstopicantstopicantstop. I wont.

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