Two souls united forever

I jumped right in from the very first time. I took a coupon from you and prayed you would be mine. And I was so broken not knowing true love til you fought your way through the two though I had broken your trust.

Just a little longer as I walked steps behind. If only you knew what was thought in my mind. Is this real? This God of rock n roll? Could possibly think I was something to truly behold.

I followed in darkness and prayed for the light

Felt my heart break cause I left your side. I was a scared girl afraid to go down so I let you blister through your first bout of frowns 

I kept checking dates to see a release

I prayed you would find me when ur imprisonment ceased 

When you did it was you and wouldve been forever 

I wish I had known how much life hurt my daughter. All of the maybes and ifs are long gone. I will love you forever like it says in our song.

In the stars you are there and in the full moons bright face just know I am watching and feeling your loves embrace.

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Awwww....Must be written for someone special!

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Have any ideas?? 💡

by DominiqueFLiP; ; Report

Some stupid sub slinging sap sucker?

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report

Yea.. dude almost got robbed his tips... But stole my 💜️💜 heart

by DominiqueFLiP; ; Report

It would have been a fair trade if he'd had missed out on a few dollars yet gained loves embrace!

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report

Hey I have him both 💖🤘 I think...

by DominiqueFLiP; ; Report


by DominiqueFLiP; ; Report

You did. You did.

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report


by DominiqueFLiP; ; Report