Interview w/ MCR's Demolition Groom (Jamisin Matthews) - 05/20/23

Hi Friends!(:

As a representative/admin of the emo discord server I help manage called "Emo Is For Lovers", yours truly got to interview Jamisin Matthews (who is the Demolition Groom from My Chemical Romance's live album "Life on the Murder Scene"), at the iconic church where the "Helena" music video was filmed during an event called "Ghoul's Day Out" in Los Angeles back on May 20th, 2023.

Our community members submitted questions, and we got very insightful and interesting answers from the character and actor himself including his interaction and experience as the Demolition Groom/& with the MCR members 🤩

Watch Part 1 of the Interview Here!

Watch Part 2 of the Interview Here!

The interview will be cut into multiple series of bite-sized videos to fit into our discord server's Instagram account- so this could be a mini-series! 

Follow our official Instagram account for more interview content and join us in our growing emo discord server which now has 700+ members!

We cannot wait to meet and chat with you there! :D 

Thank you for reading!!(◕‿◕)♡

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