I love Jerma985 lol

  I don't know why but I can't stop watching this man, I could watch millions of the compilations which have a lot of the same clips and I will still love watching him, I can't get enough. He is like one of my favorite streamers, none have come close to how much I like watching his stuff. He is genuinely so entertaining to me and I don't think I'll be able to find many people like him that I can just sit through tons of his videos endlessly and not get tired of it. His content is like the fireplace in the living room for me, I can put it on whenever and can just sit down to feel the warmth of it.

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before I rlly knew who he was I thought that one pic of him where someone said, "this is all the serial killers in the world put into one man" or something like that was real and i didnt know it was jerma..

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Pez Emikazoo

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thats the scout tf2 man stream person yeah baby go german

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my partner introduced me to him when we first started dating lol 4 years later we still watch him being a goof :')) i think i watch jerma more than them now lmaoo I LOVE THAT IDIOT SO MUCH HE MAY NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH OF AN IMPACT HE'S HAD ON MY LIFE!!!! thanks 4 sharing stranger i hope u enjoy many more clipz and streamz from that maniac !!!

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