doctor who series 11

im on the last episode of series 11 and i actually have no idea what to think. the doctor is so much alike themselves yet... something is slightly off. yknow when ten has his timelord victorious arc and a mayor fucking god complex, its a bit like that but without the underlying reasons of heartbreak and loss and loneliness. sometimes thirteen just acts like she doesnt care? of course those underlying reasons are still a part of her but i dont feel like theyre enough? okay, twelve didnt wanna regenerate at all in his grumpy old man way, maybe theres some internalized i dont want to be this person? but that really hasnt been explored. none of these reason for this carelesness has been explored.

the companions are pretty great too. i do like thirteen when shes got companions around to keep her in check. again, when the other doctors are without companions they act careless too, but for a reason! wheres her reason? simultaneously i think i could grow to like her even more.  every doctor needs things to improve upon i suppose. shes both just silly enough and just technobabble time travel jargon enough.

havent really thought any of the episodes were amazing though. or well. maybe the last one will be. for me it just hasnt compared to nine, ten or elevens era. not that twelve completely ever did for me either. only partially. i did very much like episode 8 the witchfinders, the horror of those dead not witch ladies was actually quite good.

its still very much doctor who though, undeniably it still has some of the core things to it which is the reason i love it in the first place. like thirteens insistence upon hope.

anyways gonna eat pasta straight out of the pot and watch the last episode now. yipee!

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