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After Night One

Still having a sleep over at my friends, but currently I'm alone as everyone wanted to fetch art supplies but I was exhausted and stayed back so I could sleep because someone in this group snores like a motherfucker and kept me up til 4-5 in the morning. No hard feelings, not like they can help it. Also, I have unlinked my Spacehey from any obvious places, so this will now be a platform seperate from most of my friends so I can blog without fear of them seeing it.

Aside from the nightmare of surviving the night, it's been really nice. I don't think anyone quite *gets* me yet, definitely still some attempts to get me to say or do something more expressive but... No, sorry guys, I told y'all that I'm quiet, I meant that. Straight up got a blunted affect going on over here, sowwy. (If this was real life, I'd be gesturing up and down my face to demonstrate.)

It really does feel good though. To finally be a man hanging out with other men. My last sleepover was as a young "girl" with other girls. It's the little things. Just being one of the guys. Being called a dude, having he/him used on me, being called "daddy" as a joke at one point, ohhh truly gender euphoria is just living the life you were cheated out of in your younger years, isn't it?

It's so nice. Piles of snacks on the table, caffeine abound, either playing video games and watching youtube or working on art, because that is the point of this meet-up: To finish our fursuits before Anthrocon. We went to an Asian market and picked up plenty of snacks and sodas. I can review them all later :3 But now, people are back and beginning on the art work, so time to scoot.

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