I made a drawing :D

this is my drawing, i hope you guys like it

the featured characters are made by me,

Top left character: 'Hero' (yeah that's his actual name)

2nd character to 'Hero's lower right: 'Hirsch' (German for 'deer' because he's a deer-human hybrid)

3rd character: 'Krähe' (German for 'Crow', he's a crow-human hybrid)

4th character: 'Melby' (rabbit-human hybrid)

5th character: 'Misha' (mountain-goat human hybrid)

basically, what's happening here is that Misha is burning down a forest which belongs to Krähe, Hirshc, and Melby, including a bunch of other innocent civilians.

from childhood, Misha was mistreated and shamed for how he looked because he was an animal-human hybrid, his home village attacted the military and ended up losing, leading him to becoming a member of said military. He found out about the forest and felt a raging wave of jealousy, blackmailing 'Hero' into helping him burning down the forest.

Hopefully this is a really cool backstory, i'm open to constructive critisism about my art and writing. :)

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