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I find it difficult to describe myself. Introducing people is weird and trying to get to know people is like stepping onto a drifting iceberg. There are some things however that I know for certain: My name is Ahz, I'm 19 years old, I'm nonbinary, and my birthday is on the 24th of July. I know that I've had it rough since the first day I opened my eyes, and that I will continue to have it rough until the very end. I've accepted all of these facts about myself. There are other things though, that make me feel so complicated and difficult to understand even to my own mind. I thought that I would know who I was by now but I still don't have even the slightest solid clue. I feel like a character being played by someone else, like my life is nothing but an interesting story to be performed. It sounds corny but I seriously doubt the reality of myself sometimes. I feel like I'm in the passenger seat of my life. I feel a little too aware, as if I as I am isn't meant to exist but does. It's like being awake when you know you're not supposed to be, like being too mature for your age.

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