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OTMODCHI: How to change Blog/bulletin layout!

Go to Layouts and type in "bulletin layouts"

From there you should be able to find a simple one and edit it to your liking

I chose this one

Once you got your layout ready, just click the little blue button

After that it'll turn into an eye like this

When it's in this eye mode, it'll be in preview mode or soemthing.

paste your code in the text box and it'll update when you click the eye again to the layout you wanted! It's that easy!

Sorry for a little less flare on this blog but I'm literally rewriting this after spending all day writing it because SpaceHey had a brainfart and killed it for some reason lmao....

Anyway, have fun!

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Why do i always see you everywhere on every social media

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Because you're just so fucking cool like that

by ottomoth; ; Report

Thanks Ottomoth, you're cool too

by TheUserPerson; ; Report

Thanks, I'll try to remember this when I randomly get depressed

by ottomoth; ; Report