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SOOO, basically I have this friend let's call her...✨FUGLY SLUT✨ anyways, so me and fugly slut have been friends since kinder and were in middle school now and we met this other guy FUGLY SLUT#2 and had just got into a fight with THE BEST PERSON EVER and he started hanging out with us more and interupting our alone time and then they started to hang out more since they have all there classes together and fast foward like... FIVE MONTHS???but, me and fugly slut made a promise that me and her would go to a dance together at the end of the year as friends😮‍💨 and people kept coming up to me and telling me that they talk shit about me(calling us annoying and clingy) and ✨THE BEST PERSON EVEER✨ so like... another 3 weeks of putting up with it I told them about it and 🖕FUGLY SLUT#1🖕 got mad at ME for it and a week later we started talking again and like we have this thing called spectrum and (its basically like a little gay school club our ✨AMAZING✨ lesbian counsiler started cuz why not) FUGLY SLUT#1 ALWAYS made an excuse not to go and hang out with me there and she NEVER went to a SINGLE meeting ⏩ANOTHER TIME SKIP(SRRY!!!)⏩ so its almost the end of the school year and on 👧🏻Wednesday👧🏻 it was the last day of spectrum club and we have a party with gay balloons 🏳‍🌈EVERYWHERE🏳‍🌈 and for SOME REASON FUGLY SLUT #1 and 2 DECIDE TO GO and start doing karaoke and started singing the "i want it that way" song because they thought it was funny BUT IT WASN'T EVEN THAT FUNNY😮‍💨 there literally all so immature all they talk about is other people and walter white🙄BACK TO THE POINT but back to promise(IKR??so confusing😅) i asked her LITERALLY YESTERDAY if she was still going with me and i was like,"your still going with me,RIGHT?" in a more 'im just making sure type' of voice AND SHE WAS JUST LIKE "i dunno🙄" like I DONT CARE IF SHE'S FRIENDS WITH OTHER PEOPLE JUST DONT COMPLETELY IGNORE ME LIKE, BITCH. honestly i HATE gingers ALL OF THE GINGERS IVE MET ARE ALL BITCHES (EXCEPT MADDIE🤩)not all of them tho!(theres still some nice people!!!)#W_FRIENDS#SQUAD_GOALS#IMMA_BE_LONELY

(this is on my bulletins)

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