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TW/CW for suicide, depictions of blood and gore, and harrassment.

this isnt abt me rly but like today was the last day of school for summer break and during like passing period a kid fucking jumped from the 3rd floor. im not gonna like say the name of the kid or anything cuz like i feel bad talking abt this in general tbh but i really needa vent abt it. i feel bad cuz like he used to be in my class last year and its honestly sickening cuz like he was relentlessly bullied cuz he was like special ed and like insanely nerdy or wtv and it really shows how disgusting people in this world are. no one gives a shit abt suicide until someone actually does it. the person who committed is alive and in the hospital but i honestly cant stop thinking abt it. this year like early on i thought he was getting better from the bullying bc i saw he finally had a friend group that accepted him and i was genuinely happy for him, but that doesnt change that he was still harrassed many times and eventually driven to attempting suicide. i was on liek the 2nd floor outside building and i remember seeing a staff member near someone who was laying on the ground and like he looked pretty messed up but at first i thought it was a fight cuz my eyesights pretty bad and i wasnt wearing my classes, until i heard people say shit like "SOMEONE JUMPED" and i was in shock. what sickens me more is that someone posted his body on an INSTAGRAM STORY... like how insensitive is that, someone showed me the images and i was actually disgusted like his mouth was completely bloody like from under his nose all the way to his chin there was blood everywhere, there were HUGE blood splatters in the area, and like one of his arms was like twisted in such a mutating way it was horrifying. i genuinely felt so bad for him and its just like.. i remember some of my teachers were literally freaking out about it and i felt so bad. some of my friends literally WITNESSED him jump and most of them were like sobbing and i felt so horrible. i was rly early to my class too and like im sorta just thinking that if i had gone out of my other class like 30 seconds later i wouldve seen him jump and it just feels so weird. we were able to write letters for him and stuff and i rly hope he recovers, its just like holy shit... like today was a happy day for everyone until the mood was completely ruined by what had happened. even the rude ass popular people at my school felt horrible and sympathetic cuz like it was horrible for EVERYONE. it rly shows how fragile life actually is and how like one more push can break a person. reminder that hes alive once again, but it makes it horrible cuz like im pretty sure he wasnt unconscious like he FELT IT ALL... i just rly hope he recovers cuz honestly he was the person who suffered more that day than any of us in the school. i sorta wanted to get this out bc i really just cant get my mind off it and how horrible i feel for him.

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