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Classical Music is underrated and only my opinion matters! (br)

usually when I tell people that I like classical music, people think that

1 - I'm rich

2- I'm too old

3- I think this is the best kind of music and all other styles and artists suck

I was introduced to this kind of music very early on and I find it very relaxing. for those of you who never had the interest of listening, here are some indications for those who underestimate classical music

1- Night Op. 9 no. 2 - Chopin

2- All songs from "Swan Lake"

3- four seasons - forgot the artist

listen for God's sake!

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nothing drive me more off the walls than clair de lune, that song is literally like a russian sleeper agent triggering in my brain it’s so good

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I'll add it to the playlist to listen later, it looks really good!

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I KNOWW, like I really like classical if you want to listen to something more relaxing, but people think I'm old for listening to it, like noooo T_T

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aaa happens to me too much! I really like listening to it when I'm in class or relaxing but it's like it's proof that "you were born in the wrong year"

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I love u so much

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hehe thanks I think

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