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hey again! blogging is actually really fun, but kind of hard after a while. i like to talk about things but some times i actually have nothing to talk about!

i've been trying to code myself a neocities site, but i'm not sure what theme i want. of course, i could always do my planet from the comic but that feels really lame. still a fun idea! i really like a ghost or wizard theme. maybe just a simple video game theme would be cool.

i'd go ghost busters, but my profile here is already coded like that and i like to do new things. my carrd is currently little monsters themed, so i don't want to do that one either. i honestly could just combine a ton of interests and make some sort of frankentheme but i am not sure!

either way, that's been my primary project besides the lay out themes i want to do here. those are going well, by the way! i'm just trying to plan out what i want to code and what is too complex or personalized for a lay out. i want to make sure it's easy to customize but yet have a clear theme.

i've also been continuing my stardew valley farm! i just started year 2. pretty fun so far, even if i have no clue how to play correctly.

i think that'll be all for today, so bye! comment or im me some themes, i'm kind of stuck.

- eb.

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i think you should make your neocities, like, a combination of all your interests! like you said, kinda like a frankenstein but instead of body parts with hobbies and stuff you like :B

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maybe! i might make each page of the site it's own theme. currently the homepage is slimer, but it would be super cool to have each one be it's own thing.

by john; ; Report

i think making it a mix of homestuck (or other related media to it like hiveswap or problem sleuth) & kinda like some retro video game would look cool!

by hotdogeater58; ; Report

oh yeah, that'd be neat. :)

by john; ; Report