"A Animals World."

I made this poem for a poem slam we did at my school.

Please don't steal this poem or at least credit it if you'd like to share it.

The world is so cruel.

For I am only a bunny in a world full of hungry wolves.

No matter how far I run, No matter how high I climb, No matter how quiet I am.

I am always found.

what I put over my fragile body, it will always get torn. What words I put up as barriers always get ignored.

When I try to push, the wolves shove.

For when I, a poor helpless bunny try to prove my worth, it only lessens their expectations.

But when I, a poor helpless bunny overcame a hardship that a wolf could not, I was called a                                                                  “bitch” a “whore” a “slut”.

A helpless bunny like me could never live in a world as cruel as this.

For when other helpless bunnies do the things as wolves would do, they are praised, worshiped, adored. 

But they are also…

They are also broken.

They have given up trying to cover their bodies.

They have given up trying to put words as barriers.

They let the wolves get their feisty claws on them.

For I will never give up.

I may be helpless,

But i have a small burning fire inside my small fragile body

That will never decrease.

That will never die.

My small bunny figure, will grow

I will be a strong bunny leader.

I will fight for the rights of my fellow bunnies. 

Of my people.

No matter the race.

No matter the religion.

No matter the background.

No matter the ethnicity.

All women, all bunnies, all deserve to be as equal as wolves.

The world is so kind.

Too kind in fact.

For I am only a wolf in a world full of bunnies.

I chase the bunnies til they can run no longer, I climb after those small bunnies til they can climb no longer, even when they try to hide in silence.

I can always sniff them out.

The bunnies wear such cute clothes, such…provocative.. Clothes. For I, a wolf Just know that those bunnies just want to be touched.

They are just saying it through what they wear.

The words bunnies put up words to try and push my hunger back, I ignore their warnings and pleadings.

Why should I care for what a bunny has to say?  Why should i? A wolf. let my ears be told what to do.

Bunnies are only wolves' playthings.


Why do bunnies try so hard to get our praise? They are so stupid. 

Why do bunnies complain so much about us, wolves? They are so rude.

They Are so ungrateful.

But not all.

Some bunnies do as they are told, they wear no such clothing, they don't talk back, they are our, the wolves, favorite type of bunnies.

They are so obedient.

But they get so boring after a moment.

The world is 


For I am an ant in a world full of bunnies and wolves. 

I watch as I see the wolves chase after the bunnies, I see the poor bunnies get eaten.

I see the wolves get scold and killed by the hands of bunnies that seek justice.

I watch as bunnies and wolves play a lifelong game of tag,

As they continue to tag each other.

Back and forth.

Never ending.

I watch as wolves use bunnies for their own pleasure. I watch as wolves ignore the feelings of bunnies. I watch as they ignore the bunnies' personal boundaries.

For us ants.

We see all.

We watch as wolves try to become superior to all others.

We watch as some bunnies just give up into the feisty hands of wolves.

We watch as our own.

The ants.

We watch as we get mis gendered.

We watch 

Our rights fall.

We watch the world end.

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