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NEW SP MOVIIEE (spoilers)

I thought the new Spiderverse movie was so sick, i loved the way they designed ittttt!!!! My mouth was practically agape the whole fcking time becsuse the art was super duper good. My sister didnt like the plot, but theyve never been one for spiderman movies</3 

i think this is def one of my favs, the first one being the one with miles and the rest of the team. (i forot what its called :sob: i have rlly bad memory,) anyways, i like how in the scenes with gwen and her dad, her colors were more cool tones whilst her dad had warmer tones, and in the hugging scene the warm tones faded into gwens room> :3 I also rlly loved Spiderpunk, ive heard his creators made him a whole spotify playlist.. ?? i think it was called "hate the am, hate the pm".. not sure</3

i really like how in the first movie, in the art miles did on the wall, it made a referejcem tto the spot, idk i just thught it was sick:-) here ill even show u. 

i cant find the other photo, but if u wath the movie ou will see it. 

anyways i might edit this later n add moreX3

bye 4 nowww

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playlist is here

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