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byi / boundariez!! [trigger warnin']

i'm uzually pretty chill abt thingz, but i do have zome minor boundariez before interactin' :(

  • i can't tell human emotionz at all, nor can i underztand text rlly well, zo tone tagz r rlly appreciated!!!
  • i....kinda need attention a lot.... ;-;
  • i have random major moodzwingz, plz be cautiouz of thoze or dni during them!!!
  • i zometimez believe i'm in a place that i'm probably actually...not....zo plz be cautiouz w 'i know where you live.' or 'i'm in your walls.' type jokez!! i'd like thoze only made if we're cloze :(
  • i am an alternate, plz don't tell me i'm not! /zrz
  • i have triggerz to; general tws, astraphobia, dentophobia, mottephobia, needles, certain religion topics, cars depending on the context, night 4 call from fnaf 1, thunder

now zome other general thingz before u interact,,,

  • i'm zuper zlow to put thingz together, or to underztand thingz in general, zo plz be either patient w me or be zuper direct w me!!!
  • i uze profanity, and make nsfw + ur mom jokez!
  • i have a rlly zhort attention zpan, i'm zorry if i get off topic a lot or rlly quickly!!! i can't focus on a topic or certain thing for too long :(
  • i rant a LOT about my intereztz and hyperfixationz!!! i'll try my hardezt tho if u azk me not to :3
  • i may zay a random word or phraze a lot!!
  • i make minor kyz/kmz/die jokez, but only if we're cloze and u zay ur comfy :3

i may add onto thiz if i think of other thingz!!

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