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today was rlly fun! i'm a bit late to writing this though, it's already 1am...

oh well....

i went out with my friends today and we went to this one huge park next to this castle- we had a picnic there :3 one of my friends bought a boombox too so we were able to listen to music

we brought too much food though... some of us took some food home

there was also this flower field and we took a bunch of pics in it

i made a flower crown :D it was the first one i ever made

while we were waiting for the train back home my friends kept taking turns photographing me bc they said my eyes looked pretty in the setting sun T^T <3

i heart golden hour

i had this stupid huge backpack though, because we wanted to get popsicles and the backpack had that cooling isolation thing, yk? i looked like i was about to go camping...

also my rhinitis hasn't cleared up.... i sneezed 5 times in a row just now ToT

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