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Mental state

So basically like a year ago i had a lot of problems first it started with my depression(diagnosed) in winter 2021/2022 but as summer came it got better i started to become better and i was really happy but of course this wouldnt last long at the beging of summer 2022 i started doing drugs but i managed to get off pretty fast again even tough the situation that i got in because of them was pretty nasty. Then as the summer ended i was really good or so i thought for a while. I soon had to realise that i got scared by the summer and from all the things that happen nothing that bad but bad enough for me ig. But i managed to also fight against them as good as i could at least and for the most time i was reallly hapy and felt a lot of joy in taht time but since last weak i started to realise that i got depressed again my mood was low i didnt have the same ammount of energy as before etc. 

Im only writing this in the hopes of finding someone who i coould the whole story to and not this comprimised bit of it i write this here beacuase i always feel way to "weird" when talking about my problems to anyone so if you wanna talk just reply ig idk how this site really works its my first post.

btw sorry for the bad englisch its not my first lanuage

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