silent hill babies tierlist

rating silent hill babies

(as somebody who has never played/watched a gameplay of silent hill)

1. beta larval stalker (silent hill 1)

it walks. its ok because i can force it to do child labour as it is now a functional member of society. i can stand this turkey looking thing since it doesnt have a fugly face.

2. romper

i can tolerate this baby as i dont even care im nonchalant. its the most grown looking baby but im a little disturbed as it has no fingers. no baby gorrila grip hands ig.

3. p.t. (piss transport) ink baby

i do not particularily enjoy when babies have a heartbeat or move. this one gives me terrible ptsd to my period blood clots. this one makes me angry and im balling my fists and frothing from the mouth as i type.

4. blud baby

if this mf wasnt clenching his cheeks and wasnt so ripped hed be gang. i dont enjoy looking at this because it reminds me of everything i couldve been.

5. twin victim

these mfs look like they got an issue w me w the way they holding they finger up abt to put it in my nose. the only problem they should be worrying about is their missing lower body. id fuck these bitches up so good but id feel bad as their faces are already swollen as hell. they built like whole ass thumbs.

5. larval stalker (silent hill shattered memoryies)

this mf makes me more angry than the dandidoo from my singing monsters ever could. he brings out an unexplainable rage in me whenever i witness this pussio and next second all i can see is red. this scaredy cat fuck cant even show up his character design is a running baby. if i see this thing im throwing limbs cos god i cannot cope with this thing existing even if its fictional. i will get the game just to fucking harrass it and the moment i see it has perished, only then the world will be freed of my fiery wrath.

(update: i took a tiny break. i couldnt cope after seeing that ugly shadow baby. i am back on the grind)

as an honorable mention, id like to include the yakuza guy from the yakuza game series. he is my idol because he beat people and shit

for an unworthy, sinful, unjust, shameful, evilminded and dishonorable mention id like to put this ghastly looking thing. mf is just straight up grotesque

thanks 4 viewing all the way to the end. this was an emotional rollercoaster personally.

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