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Songs I've started associating with hetalia characters !!!


•Christmas kids by Roar- England and America (platonically of course)

•The entertainments here by AJR- nyo and 1p america

•The main character by Will wood- Italy

•Step on me by The Cardigans- Germany and Romano (separately)

•Mary by Alex g- Nyo England and nyo France

•7 weeks and 3 days by Yungatita- England and Japan

•Lovefool by The Cardigans- Romano

•fucking boyfriend by the bird and the bee- nyo America

•be my boi by Modernpearl- nyo Romano

•Blue hair by TV Girl- England and France

•sorority girls by Mommy long legs- Romano

•dumb dumb by Mazie- nyo and 1p america

•good loyal thots by Odetari- Canada

•daddy issues by The Neighborhood- Canada, America, and Romano

•Baby hotline by Jack stauber- Russia,Ukraine, and Belarus

•My Alcoholic Friends by The dream dolls- Sad childhood trio(Canada, America, and Romano) mocking the bad parent trio (England, Spain, and France)

•bubble pop electric by Gwen Stefani-hungary

•Rises the moon by liana Flores- France and seyshells (platonically obviously)

•Genius by LSD- czechia

•4:00 AM by Taeko Onuki- Japan

•I scream by Melanie Martinez- Canada and Sealand (separate)

•Smile by Lily Allen- Canada about America (ignoring all the relationship lyrics)

•Running away is easy by VANO 3000- England and America (platonically obviously)

•Hug me by Pharrell Williams- America

•My band by d12-Prussia

•Bust your kneecaps- nyo 2p Italy

•Punk tactics by Joey Valence & Brae- Awesome duo (Prussia and America)

•Kaймǝн by The Hatters- America 



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ꔫ teo:3

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wahh i have a playslti full of songs i think some of hetalia characters would listen + i luv the plyalists you made on spotify! :3

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SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO real of you !! + I definitely forgot people could find the playlists, whoopsie (°^°')

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