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Paradox *+:。.。

The reflection of the street lights shine on your face,

your silhouette casting dark shadows onto the street.

The night seemed calm and the smog covered the city.

I looked at you, charmed and delighted by your presence.

My presence was one of an observer,

a watcher.

Your wet cigar seemed to puff never ending smoke

into your never ending night.

You stepped in puddles and ignored the lamplights-

whilst your shadow danced along and spun around them.

Your cigar puffed smoke and the world kept revolving.

The bars were full and the restaurants were bustling.

The taxis kept coming and going.

I sat on that side walk beside you, with you.

The streets were aglow with the glow of a hundred souls,

scattered throughout the never ending city.

Each of them had their own life and destiny;

their own star to rely on.

Out of all these lives and bodies,

beliefs and pet peeves,

personalities and traits,

ages and differences,

looks and similarities,

I was the one who remained by your side.

Our red strings never cut.

Our stars entwined in one paradox.

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