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On July 24, 2005, I was born in Muntinlupa City as a healthy baby girl. My aunt Carmina served as the inspiration for my name, which they later changed to the lovely name Carmela. My childhood was spent creating memories with friends, family, and other family members, and I have a fantastic and wonderful existence. My Lolo raised me when I was a baby because my parents both work hard to provide for our needs. A few years later, in order to begin a new life and live independently as a traditional family far from our relatives, we relocated to Dasmariñas, Cavite. After finishing primary school, I transferred to another school; my kindergarten through elementary school, Mt. Carmel School of Cavite, played a significant role in my development as a young child. Because I have consistently placed first in my class from first grade through sixth grade, I must be a very gifted child. I suppose you could say that my diligence paid off. I enjoy reading and drawing, and I consistently place first in our drawing competitions. I also enjoy painting and digital art. I work extremely hard to realize my aspirations and objectives, one of which is to become a doctor and relocate abroad. Since I'm still in high school, I use my artistic talent as a side job to enable me to pay for what I want with my own labor. I became interested in lolita fashion, as well as many other subcultures and makeup these days because I just believe that it is one of the ways I can boost my self-confidence and make myself feel better and more beautiful. I have my own interests that help me decompress from stressful situations, such as watching kpop, painting, and playing video games. I also can't forget about my two beautiful cats, Jiji and Sora. Being the eldest child in our family and having to take on most of my father's responsibilities at a young age caused me to go through a lot. As a teenager, I found it challenging to manage my schoolwork and life because I felt that something was missing—the security and love that only a father could provide for me. I wouldn't be who I am now without the individuals that help me. Without my friends at Emilio Aguinaldo College-Cavite, where I am currently enrolled in senior high school, I don't think I would be as content and happy as I am right now.

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