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oh em gee.. 2day wuz so fun!

im kinda gonna go over both yesterday nd 2day n this, but nonetheless lolz

last nite i saw the new spiderman movie!! AAH!! i wuz so excited, nd it did NOT disappoint! that cliffhanger almost killed me tho ToT

n2 the spiderverse is def my all-time fav movie, so when i saw they were making another 1 n the same style i nearly LOST MY MIND!! AAH!! i cant wait 4 the new 1.. def watching this 1 again once it comes out on soap2day qwq.. I LUVD IT

i invited a friend over (he came 2 the movie w me 2)!!

we went 2 the arcade 2day, they had ddr nd jubeat, so i wuz havin fun XD
i also played pinball, skee ball, mario kart, dig dug, a couple other racing games, frogger, nd a couple others tho i dont rly remember wut all of em were LOLZ

neway, it wuz SO FUN!! rly glad i got 2 c the movie n theatres, spiderman has always been my fav superhero XD (nd rly the only 1 ive ever paid ne attention 2... ;P) 

after the arcade i got a slushie 2.. yummy (๑˘ڡ˘๑)

as sum1 who rly doesnt go out much, getting 2 go do things i like is rly exciting 4 me 

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

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