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Warhammer 40k Infodump - 9/06/23


Quick introduction! My name is CJ, I've been interested in 40k for about 4 years now, but only recently has it started to hold me in a chokehold (figuratively). I'll try my hardest to keep these 40k infodumps organized and easy to read, but no promises ]-":

I'm very new to this format, I have quite a bit to learn! But I learnt how to add images! (-:

Now for today's infodump!! 

IRON SNAKES! (Ultramarines Successor Chapter)

Iron snakes mainly reside on their homeworld, Ithaka, and they are tasked with guarding a cluster of imperial star systems known as the "Reef Stars" from the Drukhari (Dark Eldar) and the Orks (Although rare)

They are a non-codex compliant chapter - what does this mean? This means they have their own chapter-specific rules and guidelines. They are a very superstitious brotherhood, and they can be considered as having their own religion. 

Their homeworld is a frozen wasteland, with giant sea serpents in the icy ocean that covers most of the planet. These creatures are called 'Water Wryms'. An important right of passage in the brotherhood is to hunt and kill one of these sea monsters with a 'Sea Lance'. The chapter's main form of weaponry. Their Fortress-Monastery (Basically their main base) is located on Ithaka's homeworld moon, Karybdis.

Iron snakes Chapter logo!Iron snakes armour!

Notable Iron snakes!

Their current Chapter Master (basically the big boss of the chapter), Seydon, is the 18th Astarte to hold the title in the Iron Snakes. The previous Chapter Masters have their names immortalized, being the names used for the squads (fighting groups) in the chapter.

There are 5 notable squads in the Iron Snakes. (All can be considered 'Veteran Squads')

Skypio - The Senior squad of the chapter (the original), the closest squad the Iron Snakes have to an elite unit (Very strong and powerful veterans) 

Parthus - Not alot of readily available information about this squad

Veii Not alot of readily available information about this squad

Thebes Not alot of readily available information about this squad

Damocles - Named after The first Chapter Master.

My favourite character. Apothecary Kihron

He has the most insane story ever, I'm not even joking he's so cool. 

Basically, he originally served with the Ridates Squad as their Apothecary (Like a battle medic) on the world Cozan. The squad came face to face with a Chaos Daemon (Evil Demon from the warp) who hunted and haunted them, sending it's minions against them. The squad was sadly caught in crossfire with the forces of Chaos in a gully on the planet, and the entire squad was decimated in less than six minutes. Appart from Kihron, through sheer luck he managed to survive when a stray round brought the rocky wall of the gully down, burring him in rubble. 

The Daemon, presuming he was dead (he was only unconscious under the rubble), passed over him. This lead to Khiron learning the smell of chaos, an unforgettable smell. When he finally managed to emerge from the rubble, he could only collect his fallen brother's geneseed and Progenoid Glands (Glands that are placed into Adolescents Astarte's so they can generate geneseed naturally). 

The Thebes Squad later overran the Daemon's minions, byt the creature fled and hid within the body of the wounded Brother Krates. The squad was blinded by the Daemons power, allowing it to hide in plain sight, they brought it back to the fortress-monastery on Karybdis, but Khiron recognized the smell of the daemon. And lit him up (He shot him a bunch with a bolter (A really big gun)). Unfortunately, his brothers believed he had lost his mind to the taint of chaos, jailing him in the Tholos beneath the Chapter House. 

While imprisoned he reflected on the recent events. He suddenly remembered that he had not used a cleansing flame, so the daemon had simply moved onto a new host body. Unfortunately, his brothers still believed he was insane, and ignored his claims. He was set to be executed.

The Damocles squad later returned to the Fortress-Monastery, and Sergeant Priad requested that Khiron as a replacement Apothecary for his squad. Their previous Apothecary, Memmes had sadly died on their mission; this was obviously denied. Priad decided to visit Khiron, so he could investigate his 'madness'. Khiron warned Priad of the Daemon, and informed him of his execution. (Executions are called 'The Ritual of Oethanar' by the chapter, they are basically thrown into the ocean of Ithaka and eaten by Water Wyrms from what I've read). He would be executed in 2 sunsets (the way the chapter typically tells the time).

Priad was doing a combat drill, and smelt the signature smell of chaos in Captain Skander of the Phocis Squad. He attacked him, slaying him with a flamer. Priad then get the Damocles Squad to the 'Primarch's Causeway' (where the executions typically happen from what I've read) on Ithaka, in order to rescue Khiron from the Oethanar (I believe it's a really large Water Wrym.) 

They barely managed to reach Khiron in time, just barely saving him from his fate of being devoured by the Wryms. He has been since vindicated for his actions, and has been reinstated as the Damocles Squad's Apothecary.

Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to make some more of these, I hope I can do these little blogs daily!

- CJ

Pictures!!!Iron snakes armour! White, Cool grey. This guy has a red knee plate because he is a Veteran.

Iron Snakes Miniature, holding a sea lance!

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This has to be my favourite blog post here!!! You should definitely do more!!

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dude i wanna play fucking bad but i hate assembling minis and i dont have people to play with ≡(▔﹏▔)≡

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