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how everyone dies in better call saul

CW: gore, not too much detail but it's definitely there

breaking bad was great, but better call saul had even more boring-ass scenes! (that means it was better) but despite its artsy-fartsiness, we still got some pretty twisted deaths, so why don't we give 'em a look-see...

Chuck McGill - Exploded when Jimmy played a sick riff on an electric guitar plugged into two giant speakers.

Ignacio Varga - Disappears. Mike Ehrmantraut informs Manuel that his son ran away to a warm, sunny farm somewhere far away.

Kevin Wachtell - Raged so hard at Warcraft III that multiple arteries in his head ruptured, causing him to collapse and internally bleed out.

Jimmy McGill - Killed by Saul Goodman, who assumes his identity and just happens to look like him.

Cliff Main - Hit on the head with a big wooden mallet by Kim Wexler, knocking his head down below the collar of his shirt.

Cheryl Hamlin - Completely dehydrates after opening and eating a silica gel desiccant packet.

Domingo "Krazy-8" Molina - Ground in a sausage stuffing machine by Lalo Salamanca after accidentally implying that the white streak in his hair is strange.

Kim Wexler - Blown up by a barrage of fireworks set off in a freak accident during the events of Final Destination 3.

Lalo Salamanca - Immolated himself after seeing all the Tumblr fanart shipping him with Howard Hamlin.

Huell Babineaux - After a time travelling Gene Takavic goes back to prevent his own arrest, he causes a paradoxical discrepancy which results in Huell slowly fading from existence.

Francesca Liddy - Hit by a speeding 16-wheeler. The driver crashed into Saul's office and also died.

Gene Takavic - Died of a heart attack while livestreaming a candy mukbang.

(Here are some people I missed from Breaking Bad!)

Emilio Koyama - Presented with a cake by Walter White. When he sits down to eat the cake, a hand emerges from the cake, holding a gun, and shoots him in the head.

Gale Boetticher - Died from listening to too much patter music.

Patrick Kuby - Dies of a broken heart after seeing what Ted looked like in the hospital.

Duane Chow - Ascends to a higher plane of existence, becomes a consciousless entity of pure light energy.

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