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any song recommendations??

does anyone have any good song and/or artist recommendations?

i (believe, at least) listen to many genres of music and i don't mind most artists
i'm not really into todays rap/trap though

i recently got into goth music so if anyone knows any goth artists that would be great

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sisters of mercy, fields of the nephilim, the merry thoughts, siouxsie and the banshees, bauhaus - all classic goth bands.

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tool is really good their song third eye is Slept on too often,
the national is really good sad music, don't swallow the cap and sleep well beast are my fav albums by them
korn's first two albums, especially life is peachy is more "gothic" if by gothic you mean extremely sad and angry

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Not trap or rap, but if you are willing to try indie spanish music listen to Patio Solar, they are my favorite band these days ^^

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