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wutz up im just chilling and not going to bed rn XD its currently 3:03am (hehe,, 3oh!3) and im just staring at my computer while listening to om&m on my  cd player sjkdhgkjsd . cant believe i found this cd at goodwill omg it was SUCHH a cool find !!! im gonna listen to my scars on broadway cd next hehe >:33 or maybe a different one idk if im in a scars on broadway mood ,,,,, EHHH idk we'll see when this cd ends lolzzz

im TOTALLY hypomanic rn and tbh im not even mad bc like. before this i was literally screaming and dry heaving while sobbing into my blanket and yelling "NO NO STOP" for no reason which was scary as FUCK and idek what was going onnnnnnn ??!??!? anyways im good now im suuuuper happy X333!! so glad this happened sjdhgkjhskgaj i mean im not glad i was freaking the FUck out earlier but im glad it turned into this i guess ????? its weird and complicated and i feel fucking stupid ngl DJSFHSKDJ but im too happy to rlly wanna think abt it, im just riding the hiiiiiiiiiigh ^_^!!

anywayssss,,,, might go to bed later but rn im like not tired at all im actually super awake ??? for some reason ?? (says boy who just referred to his mood as hypomanic like. come on. we all know why XD) soooo maybe i wont ,,, kinda bored rn tho ngl aoouguugh this guitar part is so slay ugh listen to that >!>!! anyways fuck waht was i on abt uhhhhhhh yea im just gonna try to find something to do for now and proabbly not go to sleep bc its already 3am ykkkkk yeaa gn everyone or gm or good afternoon depending on what time it is for u while ur reading this LOLLLLL bye :3 <33 have a day !!! a good one hopefully@!!!!!!!

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