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waaah had a ton of fun trying to figure out the basics of spacehey n stuff . .

at first i waz so comfused how do ppl have the coolest profile n alltat i had to. Google search bcz im dum even tho it was so OBVIOSUHELP. (i am very much dumb and has bad eyesight (

so now i wnna try coding my own.. Spacehey profile but i am. Lazy and tend to stall hehehkj. Even though coding is my fave tjing to do. AnD found out a lotssa people had the same interests as i am (and as mentally ill as i am) das so radical!!!!!! itz sorta hard to find ppl who match ur vibe and hv interest as me idek.

So this site is liek... My fave site ever..!!! Bcz. Coding slash interests share. Count me in on the fun !!!!

 (alongside discord as mt fave site bcz i love my online discord frens) 

ok thx. for reading. Pls add me. If we have mutual interests. DONT B SHY TO IM ME FIRST PELAPS I STARVE FOR CONVERSATIONZ N I WONT BITE!!! (says the shy one aka me) 

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