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the weird thing about my sleep schedule is that i start the day at either 8:30 or 11 no in between and then i do some stuff and THEN i end up taking my horrendous brain destorying afternoon naps and then because I took that nap I wake up at 9:00 still feeling tired and then doing exactly what im doing right now which is watching a no commentary playthrough of an rpg and complaining on spacehey

school is literally my only structure in life and during the summer it just leaves me ( ゚,_ゝ`)

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Cel the professional soup creature :3

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Oh so thats why you just vanish for 4 hours

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YES BRO im so sorry :'/

by oranges!; ; Report

ngl I thought you were going outside and doing stuff in the wild you seem like the type of person to have a normal daily routine and a regular craft store shopper

by Cel the professional soup creature :3; ; Report

weve known each other for so long i had no idea you thought i was so productive ;-;

by oranges!; ; Report