The Stars Shine For Us

Eh? Surprised to see me out this late? Keh-heh, I was under the assumption that my strolls by nightfall were common knowledge already... Kuhuhu... After all, it's only on crepusculent nights like these that that the lustrous veil of stars in the sky above us divulges the secrets embedded within their stellar bodies... It's up to those who walk burdened by the lacerations of gravity to open their eyes, and take in every word... Tell me, what do you see in the constellations that glitter refulgently overhead? Some would say that they are naught more than arbitrary meanings assigned to inconsistent groupings of lights hundreds of millions of light years away... That they have no bearing on the lives of those below, be they human or otherwise... I would call them fools. Light, though imperceptibly fast, still takes innumerable eons to reach our eyes from so far away. What this means then, is that every star we see now has already died, epochs before we were even born... Is that tragic? Or is it beautiful? Perhaps the truth lies within the infinitesimal gap between the two, or perhaps its both... No matter how you see it, I refuse to believe that the presence of these stars is without meaning. All these lives, though they already reached their individual conclusions thousands of years ago, still call out to us even now, their shared existences endlessly enduring the involuntary struggle of persistence... Keheheh... Really, I find it rather reassuring... It makes me think, if only for a moment... That despite the inevitability of death, perhaps we can continue to fight for we believe in far after we die, and continue to influence and affect the world, even if our spirits no longer reside in it any longer... Though my lifespan is drastically longer than any human's, I am far from immortal. Athanasia is the right of the divine, and I have no interest in living forever, anyhow. No, I'd much prefer to make the most of the golden days I do have. And as far as I'm concerned... Spending these days in peace, having these conversations with you, and staring up at the stars above us... Keh-heh, I'm absolutely certain. I'm already far more content than those divine entities, spending their eternities squabbling with one another... Even if it won't last forever, it has lasted long enough for me to meet you. And that's long enough for me... Now come, I want to show you some of the constellations I've observed tonight!

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