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✎ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ༉‧ ♡*.✧ welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my happy lil corner of the internet!!! I like hello kitty and deftones….is that a red flag? Probably. I think it makes me interesting :3

I luv Starbucks. I work there so it checks out lol :p

What’s ur fave drink? Mine’s currently the white chocolate macadamia cream cold brew

ok bye ♡♡♡♡

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so bae (kisses and love)

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everyone is always making starbucks sound so delicious with all the fancy flavors, makes me wanna try it badly. at most i probably ate the rusks that came with my parent's cup of coffee when i was little

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As a barista I feel like only abt half the drinks live up to the hype…the rest are meh. Honestly never drinking Starbucks sounds like a blessing :P

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it depends honestly. I'd like to give it try one day at least

by ~MUSiC iS MY DRuG~; ; Report

that’s valid :D

by w1ll0w; ; Report

yeah, cuz it's so popular and im curious :p

by ~MUSiC iS MY DRuG~; ; Report

I recommend the shaken espressos :0

by w1ll0w; ; Report

ooh, thanks!

by ~MUSiC iS MY DRuG~; ; Report

ofc haha :D

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