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stuff about me!!

hiii i wanted to make like alittle updated introductory post since i made the last one like months ago so lets get to it then!

> about me

im uru! i go by multiple other names so i doesnt really matter tbh. im fifteen and im a filipino!

i identify with the labels nonbinary girl and novioromantic! i use xenos and neos too!! some of my neos that i actively want used are:

- sh☆/h☆r
- net/nets
- star/stars
- web/webs
- sh♡/h♡r

but aside from those, i mainly demand being refered to with she/it

i like drawing and singing a lot !!i also really like visual kei and gyaru (as you could probably tell from my profile) i also like watching (horror)gameplay throughs on youtube mostly by markiplier or jacksepticeye. i like mechs too!!! someday soon i want to build a gundam collection

> more facts!

i say i like a lot of fashion sub cultures and never dress like any of them.....i dress like adam sandler tbh

i dream a lot. i might just make a dream log

i still love watching spongebob

i am an avid everskies player!!
my birthday is on the 26th of july !!!

i am plus sized actually! no i am not the person in my pfp..what makes people assume that like plsss the internet is a vast and scary place

that is all for now!!! i will add to this later probably.

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