creative writing thing i was proud of

The only way for me to change is to die. The immense power and success isn’t what people thought, it's despicable. The feeling is overwhelming and cruel. Full of arrogance, and defeat. I never wanted to be this way. I just wanted more in life. This road down the line has caused war. Violence. It has hurt me and others, with my selfish and undeniably detrimental ways. It is time for me to go. I cannot just step down. It doesn’t work that way. The thoughts are bubbled in my blood. It is who I am as a person, and that cannot change. It is who I’ve become, cold and unforgiving. I look down at my window to the bloodied bodies, of who I’ve hurt. Broken hearts, stabbed backs, anything and everything. I am not who I once was, and that is prevalent with my change. Power takes over, that is fact. It corrupts us and hurts us, with every wrong decision we make. It curls and crawls through our mind and heart, making decisions that are not truly ours. 

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