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What's the problem with scene kids?

I went to read blogs just now i had to turn the page twice and i already found 4 blogs trashing scene fashion and music?- some people are mad at their flashing layouts or what they wear or what their into- what happened to letting people express themselves how they want?? Who cares if they like mlp or enjoy bright colours?? What's the issue I'm generally confused- If you don't like something CLICK OFF IT.

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Humans have had this problem since the discovery of fire. Some humans can't understand that they will just have to deal with it. But they can (but they don't want to) just go about their business and worry about their time rather then other humans. (Meow meow) furthermore, there will never be any peace for your kind when it comes to this subject.. ( Meow....... D: ) but just keep doing your thing at the end of the day! (Mew Meow!) And enjoy your time regardless what others think friend!

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Agreed! Thank you for your wise words ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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