(poem) east southwest parkway

Itโ€™s an over told story so Iโ€™ll start at the end.

You never say goodbye. You only ever say see you later, even though it still means forever. Itโ€™s a lie you tell yourself. The comforting deception of later, someday, eventually.ย 

Less like abandonment more like a riptide.

But thatโ€™s the catch-22. Nothingโ€™s ever meant to be, everything is.ย 

We were Romeo and Juliet. We were strangers at a bus stop. We were bullets in the cross fire.

Weโ€™ll drive opposite directions on the interstate and Iโ€™ll listen to the song you loved.

Iโ€™ll think about you.

Youโ€™ll call eventually.

Weโ€™ll meet again someday.

Iโ€™ll see you later.

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