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hi again every one! i don't really know if people read the regular entries, but thanks for the love on my art. it makes me really happy to see that other people enjoy what i create.

2 days ago i went thrifting and got a ton of clothes which was pretty damn awesome. normally i can't find a ton of clothes, but a lot of trinkets. however this time was the opposite! i did find a bluey socks plush that some one brought though, which i just could not pass up. i don't even watch the show, but i appreciate a good cartoon, and it's been on my list for a while. a little embarrassing, but what ever.

i also found a ton of art supplies that were in really good shape! it's incredible honestly. i only use blue and green art supplies in personal art (or cool colors in general--friends say that this is mostly like a symptom of ocd) so some of it isn't useful to me, but i was surprised by the condition of them all. i got a really nice blue pen and an erasable black pen.

there were also a lot of mechanical pencils, which was great because i don't like the texture of wood pencils. they came with a shitload of lead too. i added that to my already hefty collection and now i have possibly the greatest amount of mechanical pencil lead in the universe.

lately i've been considering pursuing a hobby that i've never had the resources for. i really want to get into producing some video game esque music? i have some leftover money to go towards a nice program for that, and it's been an internal battle on whether i should buy it or not. 

also i'm probably allergic to mushrooms, which is some thing i discovered after having an awful reaction to my dinner today.

other than that, i guess i have nothing else to report!

see ya later guys.

- eb.

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