Alone (I would say "I told you so", but hey I fell for it too)

I'm always right here.

100 miles away but only one call would fix this.

A phone sits on silent because misery feels better than explaining this to another person for what feels like the 100th time.

Maybe you like feeling sad?

Or maybe it is just comfortable.

Constant distractions keep you away from the fact that you have messed up and it will happen again.

Keeps you away from the reality that people aren't evil but human and you still judge them just as harshly.

What used to be connection has turned into rotting wires and now I don't know who you are.

Is this a persona curated for a digital space?

Is this an aesthetic or is this you?

Flawed and real and here.

Does this feel better?

Better than sitting in an office being told you are "Very self aware!"

You are never going to do better.

We can cry together after you realize that.

But then you have to move on, the world isn't going to change for you.

You aren't going to change for me, and you shouldn't, I'm not asking you to.

I don't have to like you.

You don't need me to.

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Vampy <3

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Beautiful ✨

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Thank you! <3

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