I've been thinking a lot about this topic recently, considering I've been in a relationship for almost 8 months now, but, isn't it quite scary? Like, the almost drowning thought of love fading into something you turn out to hate, sinking into something you grow to be repulsed of, I thought about it a lot in the past.

But, honestly this relationship has begun to taught me how love is like a fragile crystal rose you can't handle with less care than you handle a baby, it's like actually taking care of a living thing. 

Its funny huh? How can you imagine a human feeling, starting to feel like an actual living thing, but I think love is all about that, it's quite literally like taking care of a little living creature, you have to take care of, clean after, give reciprocal affection to. 

God, actually its such a silly thought I have once in a while 😭 and honestly I like to believe it's common since I dont want to feel that I dedicate a lot of my responsability towards my relationships by myself, but I really dont wanna ramble, may make another post going more in depht about this another day, sorry if there are any spelling errors im really sleepy.


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Lov's like a beeg baby

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