Im new in webtoon and im confuse

im using the website of webtoon since i cant download the app and im so frustrated why i see some stories that are completed but when i check the ep its only a few like the story i read "My gently raised beast", im frustrated because i only see 9 ep and the story is so good i regret reading it because i cant see the further ep😕😕

now im worrying if i'll be able to see the entire ep of the stories I've read in webtoon that aren't completed yet😓😫😕

can someone tell me why:(

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even the story "happily ever afterwards" "the dukes cursed charm" sumer nights dream" "dating with a tail" etc are completed yet they the ep that i can only see is not even ahead of ep 10 i only see 3-7 ep IT'S SO HARD TO SEE ANY STORIES IN THE COMPLETED SECTION THAT SHOWS THE ENTIRE EP, I CAN ONLY SEE THE CHANCE AT LAST STORY with A ENTIRE EP BUT IT WILL BECOME A DAILY PASS SERIES THIS MONTH ON 29 WHICH IS FRUSTRATING HUHU, DAILY PASS ISNT EVEN AVILABLE IN THE WEBSITE (i saw a question with the same issue about this in quora and some answered the only way is to download it which i cant do)

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p4rsl3y ☆ (4ut0pl4y1ng mus1c!!)

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the way that webtoon works is that generally the artist will upload one new chapter of a series a week. this is because there’s only usually one artist working on the comic at a time, and there’s a certain amount of pages which they need to make. it’s easier for them to hype up their series if they’re releasing it bit by bit, rather than the entire thing at once.

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ik but it worries me so much especially that the gently beast is complete and i saw some chapters on tiktok of it while in webtoon website i only see 9 ep while it shows that the final ep was i think uploaded last month,it just upset me that i've read the ep 9 and i wont be able to complete reading it

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i think you have to download it to read full series, that’s how it was with Freaking Romance for me

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huhu ye

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