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kind of annoyed rn, i still have to go to school even tho its been like early dismissal these past few days and its the end of the year

like ah yes mother, please continue to take me to this shitfest instead of letting me relax on a free day; barely anyone is gonna be there so i dont see the point of still being left at school when it'll be a filthy ghost town

at least i get to run around and be a freakazoid, you cant normally do that when you're in a jampacked high school that's kind of got gang-type assholes and white crackers who bust out n-words like machine_guns

and then theres the stupid fact that im gonna have summer school; which i can hardly give a shit about because its dumb as fuck and i dont care if im apparently being stripped away from my "vacation", my vacation would have been just staying at home 24/7 with rare bits of actually going out

i fucking hate feeling like shit, ill sleep it off and wake up feeling better

i hope

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I'll try my best to talk with you and get you through the day more often. ilysm <3

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